02 December 2010 @ 07:13 pm

~free requests~

* Everyone who comments with images of their choice get gifts! Up to five gifts allowed per person~
* Only watchers or members may request this!
* Manga coloring, fanart (if you have permission), doujinshi all approved! If possible HQ images...
* You may request anything graphic oriented from me - icons, FO banners, headers, profile banners, pairing banners!
* You may request all your gifts in one comment or make several posts until December 31.
* No yaoi/yuri/shouta/threesomes or anything squick-wise please.
* No porn, but smutty images of the decent kind are allowed (kind of a contradiction in terms but...meh. xP)

All that, I can do for the wonderful Christmas-y spirit of this whole month!

All requests will be shareable and will be completed in the shortest time possible!

GO! xD

Current Mood: content
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